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Range of Motion App
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GETMYROM Both as VALID and RELIABLE as Standard Goniometer for Shoulder ER!
In a recent independent study by Texas Woman's University, GetMyROM "…found to be reliable and comparable to Standard Goniometer (SG)"
Reliability and validity of goniometric iPhone applications for the assessment of active shoulder external rotation.

Advance for PT Magazine Review:
“Range of Motion App Highlighted by Treatment Applicability and Usefulness”
GetMyROM App Review: 4 of 5 Stars

GetMyROM 1.03 The Range of Motion Inclinometer in the App Store Made for PTs, OTs, Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Chiropractors, ATCs, Personal Trainers and other health and fitness professionals and students
* Simple and intuitive user interface * Record Start/Stop and Total Joint Range of Motion * Select Side of Body (Left/Right) * Select Joint (Shoulder/Hip/Knee etc) * Select Motion (Flexion/Extension/Abduction etc) * More accurate and easy to read than a standard bubble inclinometer
* Less expensive than a bubble inclinometer ($70 vs. $2.99)
* It includes the ability to save joint ROM by date and time
* Now with the ability to share thanks to your feedback

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Our App is Valid and Reliable
See the Study Here