Our Story
It was 2010 and I was a PT working in my outpatient orthopedic clinic. I dropped my bubble inclinometer while measuring cervical ROM and it broke. I looked up the cost for a new inclinometer and it was >$50. Then I saw my 1st generation iPhone and GetMyROM was born.

Alpha App: APTA 2011 Annual Conference
Our first version was simple with no ability to store ROM

2012 - V1.01 Log ROM & Store on device
2013 - V1.02 Add Side of Body and Motion
2014 - V1.03 Ability to Delete Measurement
2015 - V1.04 Ability to Add Notes
2015 - V1.04b Ability to Share
2016 - V1.05 Ability to email .csv
2016 - V1.05b Ability to Take Photo

2018 - GetMyROM Pro Released

2019 - Mac App TrackMyROM Released

Version 1.00 of GetMyROM on 1st Gen iPhone®

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